Mandy and the “Wrap Machine”

Why did I decide to open a bottle of wine on a Thursday? – moi

Today was a long day at work. Two hour long interviews time and three tours. Although a funny inside joke was born out this experience!

Boom Box ≠  Rap Machine ≠  Wrap Machine?

Mandy one of my favorite people this is for you! ❤ I told you I would draw this out!

On a side note I’m really proud of this piece because I’m tipsy as hell and I don’t know why I seriously opened a bottle of wine on a Thursday. I also learned why people like wine it doesn’t taste like disgusting beer (sorry not sorry Jason) and it gives warm fuzzy feelings..

Really I should’ve saved this for tomorrow.!

P.S. Lauren if you are reading this lets make this rap video with the wrap machine in the background it will be 4th dimensional.

Thanks for reading! GOODNIGHT!