National Unicorn Day

How did I not know it was !? Time to add to the collection. – moi

I wasn’t planning at all on making a unicorn today, but how could I not?

Honestly, this unicorn was a huge pain my in my rear end. I was trying so hard to make it just as good if not better than Iris. I had trouble with the head, horn and body connecting.

The horn was white polymer clay mixed with fine silver and white glitter.¬†It was my husband John’s idea to give it a rainbow mane. I had to mix my green, yellow and orange to make it pastel. Overall, it’s an adorable piece, and I learned a lot from the experience.

What should I name this little unicorn?

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Daisy. Buttercup. Iris! – moi

I was in the mood for working with polymer clay tonight.¬†I’ve been watching some videos on smaller creations that are also one piece. I made the¬†body one piece, and everything else is separate pieces. I’ve been really lucky¬†with all my pieces sticking together, and¬†need to try Sculpey Translucent Liquid¬†before my luck runs out.

Note to self – I really need to start using a different color of clay. Keeping white clay clean drives me insane.

I mixed some opal polymer clay with some glitter, but it still was lacking pizzazz. I ended up using mod podge mixed with the glitter and painted it onto my unicorn’s horn. John says it looks like candy.

As you can see in the photos below, this charm is my smallest unicorn being able to stand on a quarter. It’s one of my favorite unicorns.

Please let me know what you think.

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I typically don’t blog about the drawing I did the day before, but I really need to show you the source of inspiration for this guy.


I’m part of a group on Facebook that shares pug photos. This guy just made my everything! I also saw a pug riding an inflatable unicorn, and it was clear what I wanted to do.

Wilbur just has me smile just like his inspiration.

Thanks for reading and hope this brought a smile to your face.