Roses are red, pony unicorns are blue, which one is the best to you?” – moi

My mom has been visiting me for the past few days. We’ve visited Manitou Springs, binge watched Stranger Things, and I make art at home while she watches.

sept 14 2017
Me and mom at Manitou Springs.

These little babies were not planned. A little secret is when I baked the larger unicorn the head fell off! I then reattached, added a necklace and rose corsage for stability. The roses were part of another project I made earlier and really liked the effect of the clay.

The mini blue unicorn was just seeing how small I can make a unicorn.

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♪♫♬ Wiggum, Wiggum is so cute.

Wiggum, Wiggum he’s better than Pikachu.

Wiggum, Wiggum I love him, how about you? ♪♫♬ – moi

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

October 3rd, is the Ally Up Breakfast for Inside/Out Youth Services.  All of my guest will get a polymer clay unicorn charm as my way for saying thank you.

It has been a few months since I’ve worked with polymer clay, and over the weekend I bought a “clay pasta machine” that helps a ton with blending clay and making it easier to work with.

I knew I wanted to incorporate my favorite aspects to this piece and add wings. I used my handy liquid clay that allowed me to attach really small pieces with ease, and I baked this piece three times to get everything right. This was probably the most fun I had making something out of clay.

Check out just how small this charm is and from a different pose.

These pieces still take a lot of time, but the end result always make me feel so proud. Below is a progression photo of all my unicorns.

From left to right: My first unicorn to my newest unicorn.

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Time is my power

Volunteer my wisdom yours

Create unicorns – moi

I have been so inspired by volunteer engagement that I decided to volunteer my time as Inside/Out Youth Service‘s Volunteer (Volunteer) Coordinator.

Some of the tasks I’ve agreed to help with is to review volunteer applications, conduct initial interviews and answer any questions they may have, revise the volunteer orientation Prezi in August, conduct the volunteer orientation, and follow up.

Hopefully my efforts will help create consistent and excellent volunteer experience, and help improve retention.

I’ve been impressed and moved by the leadership at Inside/Out, it truly is shaping and saving the lives of young queer youth in the Pikes Peak Region, and will always be a big piece of my upbringing.

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P.S. Since I made a haiku does this technically mean I’ve created two pieces of art today? 😉