Can I count this piece for tomorrow? – moi

This piece was inspired by Illustration Friday; the theme of the week is Scoop.

Thank you to outsideauthority and Slippery Edge for liking Winter V Spring. I used the painting to for texture. At first I was going to have the bear be light blue, and use the painting as the background, but it didn’t quite work.

I looked up ways to create backgrounds and went another direction and use the painting as the bear’s texture, but John and I really liked the bear being blue.

Then I inverted the painting texture to get the color I wanted. I used a gradient created by Liasmani.

Check out the other variations below.

Thanks for reading!


When I have an art block I visit Illustration Friday. Every Friday a new topic is posted and artist have one week to submit their art to Illustration Friday’s online gallery and see what everyone else is sharing too.

Talk is this week’s suggested theme. I had a few ideas come to mind to illustrate this week’s topic. One idea was to draw a map of the Earth and illustrate world peace. A few weeks ago I had worked with a bunch of deaf students, and thought about illustrating the word “Talk” in American Sign Language.

The final direction is what you see now of these two creatures. I’ve made artwork of these little creatures before, and I really like how simple and expressive they are. They allow me to play with and spotlight texture.

Textures from SadMonkeyDesign-res on