Chibi Ursa Jr.

He could fit on a nickel! – moi

Round two with clay that wasn’t too soft to work with. I thought about giving white in his eyes, but I’m not too sure. I gave him a more pizzazz star. Some times I have a tough time getting this cutie’s bootie to stand fifty percent of the time.

Check out more poses of him below:

Ursa Chibi

Teru Teru Kumo makes all the things I love! – moi

This little guy was inspired by artwork created by Teru Teru Kumo. Their work is so adorable and I wanted to attempt their style. I was truly inspire by their set of Chibi Care Bears.


I’ve always wanted to remake Ursa Pete. I just didn’t feel it was as cute as my drawing. This little guy isn’t like my drawing, but more inspired by Teru Teru Kumo’s Chibi Care Bears.

I believe their pieces are more charms and I’m not sure if they stand up. This piece I created I wanted to make sure stood up and was hard to balance with his ginormous head!

The light purple clay I was working with was really soft and frustrating to shape. There is a lot more movement in the clay that I typically don’t like there, but was hard to get the solid form with the soft clay.

I would do a few things differently next time. First I need to stop using such soft annoying clay! The star also needs more glitter. I may make another version of this guy tomorrow. We’ll see!


P.S. this guy is way cuter in person than how he is photographed.


Profite du Coucher de Soleil

“Do you use use paint brush sizes or use numbers that have meaning to you when you create something?” – moi

Naming this piece was difficult. I wanted to find a single word that means “enjoy this moment.”  I couldn’t find one. Instead I looked up, “Enjoy the sunset” and translated it into French. Even that title doesn’t capture the mood.

Colorado has beautiful sunsets and I think I captured a beautiful sunset in this piece. The jagged mountains give a sense of danger or caution. The little bear character is just watching the sunset, and I like to think he is enjoying the view, but it must be scary to think what happens once night comes. He’s got an arduous journey in front of him.

I asked John if when he creates art if he uses brush sizes or numbers that have meaning to him. For example I may use a brush size 124 since January 24th is my birthday. Another example is making a layer transparent and setting it to 84 the year of my birthday. Sometimes I make lines 2 since that is my favorite number. Anyway.. apparently he never did that and I’m just weird! To me it gives my pieces more of a deeper meaning.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the moment!