Pink Bear

Dear, Vanessa,

I remember the dear sister who asked for a pink bear for Christmas. I remember my kind sister who was bringing home fresh apple cider for her family, and before anyone could get a taste it was accidentally dropped and spilled all over the school bus on the way home.

I remember the summer it was just the three of us you, mom and me bowling and watching Lion King in theaters. I remember making a water park in the back yard, and pulling you through in a wagon.

All of these memories I will cherish forever when I think of my sweet sister. I will always know the purest good in you.

I’m not sure if you remember, but once Bo pooped in your bed, and before you noticed I washed your sheets. I remember the cross dad gifted me meant so much more to you than it did me that it was easy to give it to you when you asked. I swear that one night you called I just wanted you to live even if meant you may never speak to me again.

I have heard of the many things you have done, and I know more of your past actions than anyone on this earth. Listen, even after all of those things I love you. Isn’t that was love is? Loving someone unconditionally? I love you and I will always love you.

I’m your only brother in this world. True blood. I have heard of your plans. I want nothing more in this world than for you to be safe and happy. I have always wanted that for you. I will always love you, and will always be here for you.

Reach out to me if you need to vent. I promise I will just listen and not judge. Reach out to me if you need someone to save you. I promise I will be there. Reach out to me.

I love you dear sister who asked for the pink bear for Christmas.




Keep Those You Love Close

My drawings may start off as circles and scribbles, but eventually start to take form. – moi

This weekend I listened to this podcast on Pencil Kings featuring Fantasy Artist, Iris Compiet. She shared she challenged herself to draw every day for five years! Her work is amazing and she is now drawing and creating a book of her own drawings.

After nine months, I can tell I’m getting better at this. When I see something in my mind I can draw it out easier compared to before I had a difficult time drawing from my imagination and relied heavily on references.

After trying a couple of mediums I think digital art and polymer clay are my most favorite mediums. Still lots to learn.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night!



Magic Bear

“Sometimes travel to new places leads to great transformation” – Fortune Cookie

From Tuesday-Friday I was in Minneapolis, and unable to update my website. I did draw every day though as I brought my sketchbook with me.

I saw some beautiful places while I was away.

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I’m more than halfway through my resolution. I’ve been so wrapped up in other interest I am finding less time to dedicate to making full fledged pieces. Most of my work for the past few months has been quick sketches. I am noticing my sketches are faster and faster.

Looking at the goals I hoped to achieve:

  1. Create a piece of art every day in 2017. – CHECK (SO FAR)
  2. Improve my own art and hone my style. -CHECK
  3. Learn about and meet new artist. -KINDA
  4. Inspire my husband to do art again. -SADLY NO

At some point I’ll need to dig back at least with digital art and polymer clay. I think I like those mediums the most because it’s easier to share my other work with other people.

Below are the pieces of art I drew while I was away.