Astrologian – Teddy Ursa

I had to decide something very early on to my New Year’s Resolution, does revisiting created art count, or must it always be something new?

The answer: It must always be something new.

If you remember this was a drawing I made in early January. It’s been hard to finish this piece when I would would have to create something new. I still have to create something new before the end of today.

I’m a gamer and I love to play Final Fantasy XIV. My main character is a Lalafell named Teddy Ursa, on the Behemoth Server and I main an Astrologian. I was inspired to complete this piece with Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Europe  going on this weekend.

In retrospect, I’m thankful I took my time instead of rushing. I would work on one segment at a time. I learned a couple of new techniques along the way that made my work easier and smoother such a new way to curved lines with the pen tool. I also redid my logo.

While finishing this piece I listened to one of my favorite Final Fantasy XIV podcast MogTalk.

Check out my progression in the images below! Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. Feel free to ask any questions.