Ursa Chibi

Teru Teru Kumo makes all the things I love! – moi

This little guy was inspired by artwork created by Teru Teru Kumo. Their work is so adorable and I wanted to attempt their style. I was truly inspire by their set of Chibi Care Bears.


I’ve always wanted to remake Ursa Pete. I just didn’t feel it was as cute as my drawing. This little guy isn’t like my drawing, but more inspired by Teru Teru Kumo’s Chibi Care Bears.

I believe their pieces are more charms and I’m not sure if they stand up. This piece I created I wanted to make sure stood up and was hard to balance with his ginormous head!

The light purple clay I was working with was really soft and frustrating to shape. There is a lot more movement in the clay that I typically don’t like there, but was hard to get the solid form with the soft clay.

I would do a few things differently next time. First I need to stop using such soft annoying clay! The star also needs more glitter. I may make another version of this guy tomorrow. We’ll see!


P.S. this guy is way cuter in person than how he is photographed.



I jacked my owl up! – moi

Tonight I created Hedwig. I want to make this into a brooch for a friend, and she’s a huge Harry Potter fan.

I was working on the eyes and painting on black, one eye was perfect and the other not so much. When I went to clean the black paint off it just made things worse.

Then I applied a black wash to the owl to give the entire charm the a similar effect, and I just don’t like it.

I’m considering putting primer on the owl, and repainting tomorrow.

Live and learn.


If you met a unicorn what power would they have? – moi

Yesterday I volunteered at Inside/Out Youth Services.¬†I hosted Glitter Wars, a night we have all the youth attending divide up into teams and play games. It’s a First Friday tradition; we do this to break up cliques and for new youth to get a chance to open up.

I hosted a game called Majority Rules.¬†Here is how it’s played:

All you have to do is guess which answer you think the majority will give on a strange question. Every team has a stack of papers with and the first sheet has number on it. Please number the rest of the pieces of that paper so we know it’s from your team. I will read a question, and your team will have 1 minute to think of what answer the majority of teams will answer, write it on the piece of paper and bring it to me.

We asked questions such as, “If Robin broke up with Batman, who would Robin date next?” and “During a zombie apocalypse what would be the one must have item?”

I had such a wonderful time, and I can tell the youth enjoyed themselves too. At least I hope they did.

The most popular answer according to the youth is that a unicorn would poop rainbows.

As for today’s art piece, I decided to make another unicorn charm. The first¬†unicorn charm I made was a gift to a¬†friend. I wanted to do this one for me; maybe I’ll give her away. I did give her my signature heart and star. Overall I’m very happy with this piece, and learned a lot from the last time from not baking her in the standing up position the second time around, and to play around more with the hair.

If you want a unicorn, I’ve committed to being a table captain for the Inside/Out Ally Up Breakfast in October, and all of my guest will get a unique unicorn charm made by yours truly.

Thanks for reading!