Chibi Ursa Jr.

He could fit on a nickel! – moi

Round two with clay that wasn’t too soft to work with. I thought about giving white in his eyes, but I’m not too sure. I gave him a more pizzazz star. Some times I have a tough time getting this cutie’s bootie to stand fifty percent of the time.

Check out more poses of him below:

Ursa Chibi

Teru Teru Kumo makes all the things I love! – moi

This little guy was inspired by artwork created by Teru Teru Kumo. Their work is so adorable and I wanted to attempt their style. I was truly inspire by their set of Chibi Care Bears.


I’ve always wanted to remake Ursa Pete. I just didn’t feel it was as cute as my drawing. This little guy isn’t like my drawing, but more inspired by Teru Teru Kumo’s Chibi Care Bears.

I believe their pieces are more charms and I’m not sure if they stand up. This piece I created I wanted to make sure stood up and was hard to balance with his ginormous head!

The light purple clay I was working with was really soft and frustrating to shape. There is a lot more movement in the clay that I typically don’t like there, but was hard to get the solid form with the soft clay.

I would do a few things differently next time. First I need to stop using such soft annoying clay! The star also needs more glitter. I may make another version of this guy tomorrow. We’ll see!


P.S. this guy is way cuter in person than how he is photographed.



What should I name him? – moi

Today I knew I wanted to work with clay, but I had no idea what the final result would be. I started working with white clay thinking maybe it would turn into another unicorn. As I was shaping the piece the idea of creating a dinosaur came into my mind, and I started working with green polymer clay.

I had a chance to try┬átranslucent liquid sculpey for connecting the tail and head. It was helpful keeping everything connected. I smoothed over more clay around the neck to keep the piece secure and sturdy. I’ve been fairly lucky with my tiny detail pieces sticking together, and I am sure it will come in handy with making smaller details.

I’m not sure why it this piece has white specs, and I’m assuming it’s because I was first working with white clay and didn’t quite get it off my tools and finger tips.┬áJohn helped me decided what color spots he needed, and named him.

People ask me what kind of work space do I use, and how I make my pieces. The first answer is my kitchen table and you can see in the photo below how it looks after I’ve completed a piece. The second answer is I use a frame piece of glass for a nice clean mobile and smooth surface, a variety of tools, different colored Premo and Sculpey brand polymer clay and sometimes I paint my pieces with acrylic paint mostly just the white for the eyes. Sometimes I use latex gloves to keep the polymer clay clean, and nail polish remover and qtips to remove any dust.


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