Roses are red, pony unicorns are blue, which one is the best to you?” – moi

My mom has been visiting me for the past few days. We’ve visited Manitou Springs, binge watched Stranger Things, and I make art at home while she watches.

sept 14 2017
Me and mom at Manitou Springs.

These little babies were not planned. A little secret is when I baked the larger unicorn the head fell off! I then reattached, added a necklace and rose corsage for stability. The roses were part of another project I made earlier and really liked the effect of the clay.

The mini blue unicorn was just seeing how small I can make a unicorn.

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♪♫♬ Wiggum, Wiggum is so cute.

Wiggum, Wiggum he’s better than Pikachu.

Wiggum, Wiggum I love him, how about you? ♪♫♬ – moi

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

October 3rd, is the Ally Up Breakfast for Inside/Out Youth Services.  All of my guest will get a polymer clay unicorn charm as my way for saying thank you.

It has been a few months since I’ve worked with polymer clay, and over the weekend I bought a “clay pasta machine” that helps a ton with blending clay and making it easier to work with.

I knew I wanted to incorporate my favorite aspects to this piece and add wings. I used my handy liquid clay that allowed me to attach really small pieces with ease, and I baked this piece three times to get everything right. This was probably the most fun I had making something out of clay.

Check out just how small this charm is and from a different pose.

These pieces still take a lot of time, but the end result always make me feel so proud. Below is a progression photo of all my unicorns.

From left to right: My first unicorn to my newest unicorn.

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Chibi Ursa Jr.

He could fit on a nickel! – moi

Round two with clay that wasn’t too soft to work with. I thought about giving white in his eyes, but I’m not too sure. I gave him a more pizzazz star. Some times I have a tough time getting this cutie’s bootie to stand fifty percent of the time.

Check out more poses of him below: