I’m thrilled to be able to create art and on my own terms.” – moi

I can hardly express how pleased I am of myself to keeping up with my 2017 resolution to create art every day.

Honestly, I’m so glad this is done. In a nutshell, I have achieved all of my goals I set out for myself for this resolution, and I plan to continue creating art just not every day.

There were some days I would think to myself, “oh shit, I only have an hour left.” and would produce some of my not as finest work. My favorite pass time of playing video games also came through, and you can tell when I would rather be doing that than creating art.

I’m thrilled to be able to create art and on my own terms.

Here are a look back on the goals I sent upon myself: 

1. Create a piece of art every day in 2017.

I did it folks! My final piece of the year I wanted a redo of my beloved Wiggum, and my first clay piece of the year. It was a discovery of how much I would enjoy creating pieces from polymer clay. I learned a lot from what I found on Etsy, Instagram and YouTube.


2. Improve my own art and hone my style.

I have embrace my cute and cartoon style. Abstract painting and charcoal drawings were fun to play with, but don’t give as much joy and satisfaction.

3. Learn about and meet new artist.

Many tips were gained from Creative Rachy and cuteness overload of Teru Teru Kumo inspired me deeply.

A podcast called Pencil Kings exposed me many artist, and the one that stood out the most was Fran Krause  a webcomic artist of Deep Dark Fears. His interview is what inspired me to make my own webcomic Cute World Problems!

Honestly, I wish I could have met more local artist, but this is just as great.

4. Inspire my husband to do art again.

Maybe he isn’t doing it full time like he once had, but he was inspired to fire up photoshop and create some amazing pieces.

I did inspire a young boy named Robert to draw, and for me it was worth it. Below are some of his drawings I have hung up in my office.


What’s next? Well we’ll just have to wait and see.

Thank you for following and reading. Thank you if you are just discovering. ❤


Roses are red, pony unicorns are blue, which one is the best to you?” – moi

My mom has been visiting me for the past few days. We’ve visited Manitou Springs, binge watched Stranger Things, and I make art at home while she watches.

sept 14 2017
Me and mom at Manitou Springs.

These little babies were not planned. A little secret is when I baked the larger unicorn the head fell off! I then reattached, added a necklace and rose corsage for stability. The roses were part of another project I made earlier and really liked the effect of the clay.

The mini blue unicorn was just seeing how small I can make a unicorn.

Thanks for reading!



♪♫♬ Wiggum, Wiggum is so cute.

Wiggum, Wiggum he’s better than Pikachu.

Wiggum, Wiggum I love him, how about you? ♪♫♬ – moi

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

October 3rd, is the Ally Up Breakfast for Inside/Out Youth Services.  All of my guest will get a polymer clay unicorn charm as my way for saying thank you.

It has been a few months since I’ve worked with polymer clay, and over the weekend I bought a “clay pasta machine” that helps a ton with blending clay and making it easier to work with.

I knew I wanted to incorporate my favorite aspects to this piece and add wings. I used my handy liquid clay that allowed me to attach really small pieces with ease, and I baked this piece three times to get everything right. This was probably the most fun I had making something out of clay.

Check out just how small this charm is and from a different pose.

These pieces still take a lot of time, but the end result always make me feel so proud. Below is a progression photo of all my unicorns.

From left to right: My first unicorn to my newest unicorn.

Thanks for reading! ❤