Winter V Spring

I’m going to count it even though I don’t like it. – moi

This morning I woke up and I wanted to paint. I used a skinny canvas, fluid acrylics and a spray bottle. I loved and hated how the colors blended together.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of this piece. There were many segments that looked like a stain after it would dry.

I may gesso over it and start again.

Why do I always see unicorns? – moi

I always think creating a painting will be faster than I think it would be, but noooooo! There is prep work and clean up that goes into painting that I forget about.

On the bright side, for me there is a higher sense of satisfaction when creating a¬†physical piece of art that I don’t get from creating digital art. The process is also a lot more freeing when creating abstract art than anything else.

I gesso my canvas earlier this month giving it tons of texture. I had the color palette in my mind with lots of blues, and today decided to throw in some pink and yellow.

With my five acrylic paints I used a pour paint medium. I adore pour painting and the look. I used a brush, chopsticks, movement and my fingers to paint. I was inspired by the sea and sunset.



Inner Struggle

My first painting of the year. A year ago I took a Beginner’s to Abstract Art class at Cottonwood Center for the Arts, and I loved it. I thought all of my art had to look like something, and abstract art can evoke so much emotion.

Talking about this piece makes me uncomfortable. Essentially, I wanted to capture my interpretation of an inner struggle. Having good and bad push and pull on one another. Addiction. Recovery. Addiction. Recovery.

Red – I’ll leave this up for interpretation.

I stare at my painting and marvel on all the images and wonder how it will be interpreted. I would love to know what you see.