It’s my art with me wearing my art: ARTCEPTION! – moi

My husband and I spent our Sunday at a Citizen’s Action Group meeting to talk about how we can get more involved with our local community’s advocacy and politics. I can probably write a novel on my current feelings on our nations current political climate, but the TLDR version is I find volunteering at my favorite non-profit Inside/Out keeps me whole and has me feel I am making my contribution to my community.

I’ve shared this at the meeting and have been designated the role of encouraging other members to get involved in this way in our community.

Afterward we went to Crave Real Burgers one our favorite restaurants in Colorado Springs. I finally tried their Popper Burger and I wish I could retcon this burger into my timeline and have tried it earlier. I love it!

Throughout my day I wore my Mog Pin. It feels so great to wear something I’ve made. Honestly, I keep hoping someone will recognize it’s a mog and ask me about it. Makes me unable to wait until Final Fantasy Fan Festival where everyone will know, and by then who knows what my skills will be like.

On the way home I was thinking about creating another pin, but I didn’t want to work with clay today. Instead I started playing in Adobe Photoshop and drew a face. I then decided it was going to be me and why not wearing today’s outfit. I made a chibi earlier this week, but I’m not a fan of the style.

John pointed out my huge cheeks in my chibi reminds him of shin chan. I told him the only reason I do that is because I feel my cheeks are big in real life.

Below is a picture of me wearing my pin. Thanks for reading everyone!


Mog Pin and Micro Cactuar

As a guy I love to wear brooches and pins, and wanted to wear something that people would recognize and gender-neutral. – moi

A while ago I purchased some jewelry pins and wanted to use them. I knew I wanted to come home and create an accessory, but wasn’t sure of the direction.

When my husband and I went out to lunch today we talked about possible ideas. At first I was unsure of the direction of what I wanted to go the ideas were something related to the following Game of Thrones, Final Fantasy, X-Men, dragon, a heart or something completely off-the-wall: a banana with a top hat – my husband’s idea.

I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy lately, and thought about doing a moogle head as a pin. When I got home I went to work while listening to Limit Break Radio. I finished up fairly quickly and wanted to try making something super small and ended up creating a micro cactuar.

You can see in the photos below how big these pieces are.

Any request ideas on what I should draw or create next?

Thanks for reading.

Final Fantasy – C.M.T.

No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew. – Lulu, Final Fantasy X

My world is being consumed by Final Fantasy. I learned recently learned they are celebrating 30 years. John purchased tickets to A New World: Intimate Music From Final Fantasy in Denver. I can’t wait for October 20th!

I’ve also been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIV lately. It was hard to pull me away from my game to draw tonight. As I’m writing this blog I’m watching MogTalk.

For tonight’s drawing I pulled together some of our Final Fantasy memorabilia as my inspiration.

Unlike last time I start off by outlining the basic forms of each figure. Then I started putting in some detail. Still rusty and it’s going to be a while before I get the full swing of charcoal again.

Below is a photo of my perspective. I took some artistic liberties with the placement of the Tonberry.


Thanks for reading!