John and Eric

“When I listen to “Written In Reverse” I think of you, thinking of me.” – John

“When I listen to “Written In Reverse” I think of you, thinking of me, thinking of you.” – moi

Today is my One Year Wedding Anniversary! We’ve been together for over ten years, but today is extra special because it was when we got Civil Unioned, when we got married in our favorite video game Final Fantasy XIV, and officially like in real life marriage!

My favorite photo of us was my inspiration.

Me and John

John said I made him so masculine! I told him when I draw him he typically ends up more square and edgy. My character is more round and curvy.

Instead of drawing out the photo behind us I thought it would be cool to add the original photo into my drawing – ARTCEPTION!

I love you, John. Thank you for always being so supportive, taking care of me, bringing me food and surprise desserts, the way your hands make me feel, being a wonderful dad to our boys, and for dealing with my Colorado weather personality. You are the most wonderful husband and I’m so happy. ❤

Thanks for reading everyone.