Time is my power

Volunteer my wisdom yours

Create unicorns – moi

I have been so inspired by volunteer engagement that I decided to volunteer my time as Inside/Out Youth Service‘s Volunteer (Volunteer) Coordinator.

Some of the tasks I’ve agreed to help with is to review volunteer applications, conduct initial interviews and answer any questions they may have, revise the volunteer orientation Prezi in August, conduct the volunteer orientation, and follow up.

Hopefully my efforts will help create consistent and excellent volunteer experience, and help improve retention.

I’ve been impressed and moved by the leadership at Inside/Out, it truly is shaping and saving the lives of young queer youth in the Pikes Peak Region, and will always be a big piece of my upbringing.

Thanks for reading! Goodnight!

P.S. Since I made a haiku does this technically mean I’ve created two pieces of art today? 😉