This world is turning me
Sun and moon
They keep on trading
A different glow and shade
In dark or light
No song of certainty
Brings the love we should be giving
We are all in dark or light – Julian Vincent Feat. Cathy Burton – Certainty

Sometimes I listen to songs and draw what I feel. This is the current song I’m in love with.

Tomorrow I plan to work with clay to create my Hedwig.

2 Become 1

Right in time before Valentine’s Day folks. – moi

About a year ago I was inspired by Peter Draws a YouTuber known for some amazing doodles. I remember him saying to the sort “Just draw man!”

I took his advice and listened to my favorite song at the time Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble, and I what I got out of the session was pretty amazing.

One of my favorite love songs is the Spice Girls song 2 Become 1. Today’s featured piece was my doodle inspired by the song.

viva-foreverMy absolutely favorite song of the Spice Girls is Viva Forever.

Oh man the feels and emotions this song takes me back to. I remember one night, I was thirteen listening to this song on loop. I stared up at the night sky with a full moon and imagine myself in the future finally finding someone who would love me. All I ever wanted was to love and be loved.

Today’s art piece started  with me listening to Viva Forever. However, my pen ran out of ink and I feel like it is not complete.

Okay I’m starting to realize this is starting to turn into a how much I love the Spice Girls blog so let me talk about my piece.