You not believing in me, and picturing your giggling face motivated me to get up and go to the gym at 6 in the morning. – moi

When I was twelve years old I lived in Germany. It was summer my dad brought my sister and I to his work on a military base. He was washing his car, and my sister and I entertained ourselves exploring the perimeter. We stumbled upon this walled off garden and to both our surprise a peacock popped out of nowhere.

It was a surreal experience since neither of us could picture meeting a peacock on a military base. We didn’t know what temperament the creature would have so we marveled it’s beauty from a distance.

I really like this piece and made it start to finish using Adobe Photoshop. In my mind it was actually a bit more cartoon than how it actually turned out.

Background texture created by insurrectionx.



All I know is the shade of green I want to use. – moi

Tonight’s piece was a total go with the flow. No references used and this guy is right from my imagination. The only thing I was certain about was the shade of green I wanted to use.

I used this drawing to practice using the Pen Tool to create round shapes. I like how the body and tail came together. The fingers could use a bit more attention. I gave his eyes the same treatment I’ve been giving my charms that I find absolutely adorable.

The name was decided when I chose my background; the background is a texture created by zummerfish.

He would make a cute charm, but I would need to imagine all the different angles.

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Can I count this piece for tomorrow? – moi

This piece was inspired by Illustration Friday; the theme of the week is Scoop.

Thank you to outsideauthority and Slippery Edge for liking Winter V Spring. I used the painting to for texture. At first I was going to have the bear be light blue, and use the painting as the background, but it didn’t quite work.

I looked up ways to create backgrounds and went another direction and use the painting as the bear’s texture, but John and I really liked the bear being blue.

Then I inverted the painting texture to get the color I wanted. I used a gradient created by Liasmani.

Check out the other variations below.

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