Just Reborn

I’ll leave and never have had the courage to tell you how I really felt. – moi

I have always loved the legend of the phoenix. I related to the legend; I grew up as a military brat and every three years my family had to move to a new state or even a new country.

Saying goodbye to school friends and in some cases never sharing true feelings killed me. When we got to our new temporary home and school it would be time to create a new me.

As painful as the experience was looking  it built my resilience, learned how to reinvent myself, taught me change is constant and life goes on. I was a phoenix!

Now this may be a cop-out, I confess I’ve drawn this image before more than ten years ago. Back in 2016, I was assigned to create a collage that represented me and that’s when I created this little guy. I think the original drawing is much more impressive.  I loved the piece so much I even got it professionally framed. Check out the photos below.

What I am currently going through made me think of him. I wanted to revisit my friend and redrew him, and added him clutching onto a heart and star.