Moogle Merry Christmas

I have been feeling the Christmas spirit this year from purchasing gifts and sending out cards early, to putting together an Ugly Christmas Sweater for the first time.

One of my past times is playing is Final Fantasy XIV. I have fond memories of the playing Final Fantasy games growing up, and moogles  have always been one of my favorite creatures from the franchise.

I wanted to make a Santa Mog with his reindeer. I tried a different technique with shading Santa Mog’s hat, and used a free Christmas font.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Ugly Christmas Sweater

My first ugly sweater party! This outfit was made by me for $12 and was held together with hot glue, safety pins and a prayer. I was scared of wearing it all day in case I broke something and accidentally stab myself, or cut somebody.

Yesterday at work we hosted Hot Cocoa Happy Hour, and a contest for the Tackiest Holiday Outfit. It was my first time making an Ugly Christmas Sweater and I had a ton of fun!

Today I was inspired to create a chibi drawing of me in my Ugly Christmas Sweater. I started sketching in my notebook the chibi, and on the side drew the embellishments.

Part of the process was researching how to draw chibi faces, eyes and mouth. My husband gave me advice on lighting. I made a couple of adjustments in Adobe Photoshop such as making the left arm longer, create the embellishments, and added my batman mug that held my “hot apple cider.”

Overall I’m super happy with the how the drawing came out. My least favorite part is the shading on the face. My favorite part of the drawing is the snowman ornament! I thought it would be a pain to create the swirl, and at the end it was fun to do and looks great!

Check out the photos below of my Ugly Christmas Sweater, original sketch, and the work in progress in Adobe Photoshop.