One Mic One Diva

One Mic One Diva – Inside/Out Buttery Rules

At Inside/Out Youth Services there are ground rules to keep the space safe. One of them is “One Mic One Diva” which means the only person speaking is the person with the mic. We used to use a stuffed reptile like creature named Mike. There was always debate if it was a lizard, alligator or dragon but we always knew his name was Mike. That is the inspiration from the title of the piece.

Tonight’s drawing is inspired by  google searching “dragon pug” after my husband had me searching for “mermaid pug.” Maybe I’ll dress up my pug this year as a dragon for Halloween. 🙂

Anyway I wanted to color this piece since I thought it was adorable. One piece of advice I want to give myself and others is it have to always be symmetrical, and especially if you are going for whimsical!

Sketch and final side-by-side below. Big difference huh? Thanks for reading! ❤

Sailor Mars

Somebody please ask me what my favorite anime is. – moi

It has been nine months of creating art every day, which means I’m 3/4 the way from completing my new year’s resolution.

Some days have been more difficult than others. Honestly, my creativity would often be sucked away my other favorite activity playing my favorite game Final Fantasy XIV.

With my interest waning from my favorite game the past few days, I’ve been re-inspired. I decided to create fan art of my favorite character from my favorite anime, Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon. To capture the anime look I decided to give my drawing an outline and shading. I used a photo source to get my color palette and pose inspiration.

The entire time I was creating the piece I was watching Sailor Moon: Crystal. <3<3

Check out the sketch, progression and an alternative version.

Thanks for reading!


Two Hearts

John with his true love. – moi

I had some serious artist block until just few hours ago. I really enjoyed creating Mandy and the “Wrap Machine” that I knew I wanted to draw a chibi, but wasn’t sure who.

LITTLEBEANMy pug Wiggum is always such a muse, and the idea struck! I would draw two of my hearts. ❤ ❤

Back in 2009, I drew the cutest picture of Wiggum, on the left, and it wasn’t until I started playing in Adobe Photoshop that I knew I wanted to bring back that style into this piece. John’s chibi is different than how I draw myself and I tend to give him more edges than curves.

Overall I love how this piece turned out, and most importantly i didn’t forget my husband’s soul patch!

I almost named this piece, “John’s True Love.”

See below for the original sketch!

True Love