You not believing in me, and picturing your giggling face motivated me to get up and go to the gym at 6 in the morning. – moi

When I was twelve years old I lived in Germany. It was summer my dad brought my sister and I to his work on a military base. He was washing his car, and my sister and I entertained ourselves exploring the perimeter. We stumbled upon this walled off garden and to both our surprise a peacock popped out of nowhere.

It was a surreal experience since neither of us could picture meeting a peacock on a military base. We didn’t know what temperament the creature would have so we marveled it’s beauty from a distance.

I really like this piece and made it start to finish using Adobe Photoshop. In my mind it was actually a bit more cartoon than how it actually turned out.

Background texture created by insurrectionx.


Dragon’s Treasure

I’ll just say Yoda is applying to be a Jedi. Good luck! – moi

Alright folks a few updates since it has been a while. First of all I ran out of pages in my sketchbook. This happened after I drew Tiny King. I had to use pages from an older sketchbook, or draw multiple figures in on one page. The moral of the story is I need a new one!


Confession – I’m having a difficult time with this resolution! I keep meeting my deadlines, but I’ve been so uninspired lately, or most of my time I want to spend playing video games. In particular Final Fantasy XIV and Overwatch. You can probably tell by what I’ve been choosing to draw lately. It’s only going to get worse since Final Fantasy XIV is coming out with an expansion this Friday!

In college I actually drew my imagination munching down on a Nintendo controller. It was my way of expressing how creative I would be if my imagination consumed the vice that keeps me from being more artistic.

Today I broke away and decided to sit down and draw something, and then give it some color in Photoshop. I haven’t been working in polymer clay in a while and draw out what I would like to eventually create. I kept having this image of a dragon holding onto a colorful orb. In my mind it’s more rainbow than how I drew it here. I made a rough sketch of the shape of the dragon and then uploaded it into Adobe Photoshop for some color.

I hope drawing every day, sketch of final pieces that I improve. I may need to spend some more time on each piece.

Thanks for reading!


Not Safe for Human Consumption

“Human consumption” just makes me think of a person being eaten. – John

Work asked everyone who would be interested in joining a bowling team for fun. I asked coach to put me in the ring. There are several names suggested and below are just a few of my favorites:

  • The IncrEDIBLES
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter
  • Not Fit for Human Consumption
  • Les Miserabowls

Not Safe for Human Consumption is my favorite. It’s what we call the “BAD FOOD” at the food bank. It makes me think we are too edgy for human consumption, or the highest level from a Parental Advisory. One of my colleagues and even my husband get cannibalism…  oh my…

My co-worker asked if I would be willing to create a logo for the team. My husband told me about Mr. Yuk. I had no idea it was a thing, and is appropriate. I then learned how to create text in a circle. I you tubed a video, but was actually really impressed I was able to figure it out on my own. Voila!

Watch us go with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter. The IncrEDIBLES would be fun to do too.

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