What should I name him? – moi

Today I knew I wanted to work with clay, but I had no idea what the final result would be. I started working with white clay thinking maybe it would turn into another unicorn. As I was shaping the piece the idea of creating a dinosaur came into my mind, and I started working with green polymer clay.

I had a chance to try translucent liquid sculpey for connecting the tail and head. It was helpful keeping everything connected. I smoothed over more clay around the neck to keep the piece secure and sturdy. I’ve been fairly lucky with my tiny detail pieces sticking together, and I am sure it will come in handy with making smaller details.

I’m not sure why it this piece has white specs, and I’m assuming it’s because I was first working with white clay and didn’t quite get it off my tools and finger tips. John helped me decided what color spots he needed, and named him.

People ask me what kind of work space do I use, and how I make my pieces. The first answer is my kitchen table and you can see in the photo below how it looks after I’ve completed a piece. The second answer is I use a frame piece of glass for a nice clean mobile and smooth surface, a variety of tools, different colored Premo and Sculpey brand polymer clay and sometimes I paint my pieces with acrylic paint mostly just the white for the eyes. Sometimes I use latex gloves to keep the polymer clay clean, and nail polish remover and qtips to remove any dust.


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Why do I always see unicorns? – moi

I always think creating a painting will be faster than I think it would be, but noooooo! There is prep work and clean up that goes into painting that I forget about.

On the bright side, for me there is a higher sense of satisfaction when creating a physical piece of art that I don’t get from creating digital art. The process is also a lot more freeing when creating abstract art than anything else.

I gesso my canvas earlier this month giving it tons of texture. I had the color palette in my mind with lots of blues, and today decided to throw in some pink and yellow.

With my five acrylic paints I used a pour paint medium. I adore pour painting and the look. I used a brush, chopsticks, movement and my fingers to paint. I was inspired by the sea and sunset.