Christmas Panda

I love throwing shade.” – moi

This blog post is 19 days late. I wanted to write on the 1st of December how happy I am to finally be wrapping up my New Year’s Resolution to create art every day. There have been a couple of nights more than I care to admit where I just wanted to put something out.

But then there are those rare nights where I LOVE LOVE what I have done and just wish I had more time to put some more effort into the piece. I sketch, but wish to color it in Adobe Photoshop. I also know my work turns out different and for the better when I put more time into it.

I am not sure if my style has changed too much from day one. What I can say is I have a lot more confidence in my drawings. I love to draw cute things. I feel like I identified my style as simple and cartoon.

In 2018, I still plan to draw, but not be restricted by 24 hours.

This piece I didn’t have anything in mind. I started out thinking I wanted to draw a simple stocking and started out with the white rim of the hat. I then drew a face and knew I was going to draw a cute creature wearing a Santa hat. I thought maybe a brown bear, maybe a raccoon to be different, and it morphed into a panda bear. This piece is so simple, but I love it.

Thanks for reading! ❤

One Mic One Diva

One Mic One Diva – Inside/Out Buttery Rules

At Inside/Out Youth Services there are ground rules to keep the space safe. One of them is “One Mic One Diva” which means the only person speaking is the person with the mic. We used to use a stuffed reptile like creature named Mike. There was always debate if it was a lizard, alligator or dragon but we always knew his name was Mike. That is the inspiration from the title of the piece.

Tonight’s drawing is inspired by  google searching “dragon pug” after my husband had me searching for “mermaid pug.” Maybe I’ll dress up my pug this year as a dragon for Halloween. 🙂

Anyway I wanted to color this piece since I thought it was adorable. One piece of advice I want to give myself and others is it have to always be symmetrical, and especially if you are going for whimsical!

Sketch and final side-by-side below. Big difference huh? Thanks for reading! ❤


♪♫♬ Wiggum, Wiggum is so cute.

Wiggum, Wiggum he’s better than Pikachu.

Wiggum, Wiggum I love him, how about you? ♪♫♬ – moi

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

October 3rd, is the Ally Up Breakfast for Inside/Out Youth Services.  All of my guest will get a polymer clay unicorn charm as my way for saying thank you.

It has been a few months since I’ve worked with polymer clay, and over the weekend I bought a “clay pasta machine” that helps a ton with blending clay and making it easier to work with.

I knew I wanted to incorporate my favorite aspects to this piece and add wings. I used my handy liquid clay that allowed me to attach really small pieces with ease, and I baked this piece three times to get everything right. This was probably the most fun I had making something out of clay.

Check out just how small this charm is and from a different pose.

These pieces still take a lot of time, but the end result always make me feel so proud. Below is a progression photo of all my unicorns.

From left to right: My first unicorn to my newest unicorn.

Thanks for reading! ❤