I’m thrilled to be able to create art and on my own terms.” – moi

I can hardly express how pleased I am of myself to keeping up with my 2017 resolution to create art every day.

Honestly, I’m so glad this is done. In a nutshell, I have achieved all of my goals I set out for myself for this resolution, and I plan to continue creating art just not every day.

There were some days I would think to myself, “oh shit, I only have an hour left.” and would produce some of my not as finest work. My favorite pass time of playing video games also came through, and you can tell when I would rather be doing that than creating art.

I’m thrilled to be able to create art and on my own terms.

Here are a look back on the goals I sent upon myself: 

1. Create a piece of art every day in 2017.

I did it folks! My final piece of the year I wanted a redo of my beloved Wiggum, and my first clay piece of the year. It was a discovery of how much I would enjoy creating pieces from polymer clay. I learned a lot from what I found on Etsy, Instagram and YouTube.


2. Improve my own art and hone my style.

I have embrace my cute and cartoon style. Abstract painting and charcoal drawings were fun to play with, but don’t give as much joy and satisfaction.

3. Learn about and meet new artist.

Many tips were gained from Creative Rachy and cuteness overload of Teru Teru Kumo inspired me deeply.

A podcast called Pencil Kings exposed me many artist, and the one that stood out the most was Fran Krause  a webcomic artist of Deep Dark Fears. His interview is what inspired me to make my own webcomic Cute World Problems!

Honestly, I wish I could have met more local artist, but this is just as great.

4. Inspire my husband to do art again.

Maybe he isn’t doing it full time like he once had, but he was inspired to fire up photoshop and create some amazing pieces.

I did inspire a young boy named Robert to draw, and for me it was worth it. Below are some of his drawings I have hung up in my office.


What’s next? Well we’ll just have to wait and see.

Thank you for following and reading. Thank you if you are just discovering. ❤

Christmas Panda

I love throwing shade.” – moi

This blog post is 19 days late. I wanted to write on the 1st of December how happy I am to finally be wrapping up my New Year’s Resolution to create art every day. There have been a couple of nights more than I care to admit where I just wanted to put something out.

But then there are those rare nights where I LOVE LOVE what I have done and just wish I had more time to put some more effort into the piece. I sketch, but wish to color it in Adobe Photoshop. I also know my work turns out different and for the better when I put more time into it.

I am not sure if my style has changed too much from day one. What I can say is I have a lot more confidence in my drawings. I love to draw cute things. I feel like I identified my style as simple and cartoon.

In 2018, I still plan to draw, but not be restricted by 24 hours.

This piece I didn’t have anything in mind. I started out thinking I wanted to draw a simple stocking and started out with the white rim of the hat. I then drew a face and knew I was going to draw a cute creature wearing a Santa hat. I thought maybe a brown bear, maybe a raccoon to be different, and it morphed into a panda bear. This piece is so simple, but I love it.

Thanks for reading! ❤

Pumpkin Carving

What should I have them carve on each of their pumpkins?” – moi

“Have them carve something that would show more of their personality.” – John Reasoner

It has been a while since I have blogged and this is a pretty good one. I started a webcomic called “Cute World Problems” and I have been creating two-five new comics each week.

You can find my comics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the official website Cute World Problems DOTCOM Please follow and share! I am mostly building my audience on Instagram than the other platforms at this time.

The comic is about the cute characters Teddy the bear, Spark the unicorn and Bunbun the rabbit going through life and dealing with their own set of problems. Many of these events are inspired by my own life experiences, with a dash of drama, exaggeration and sparkle magic!

Let me know which character and comic is your favorite.

My favorite comic is A Guide to Hugs because it is so simple, and something people don’t think about, but can probably relate to. I prefer the side hug. A huge piece of myself is in each of my characters. If I had to pick a favorite it has to be Teddy since he came to me first.

Along the way I have retaught myself how to make gifs. You can see an example of one of my gifs in the comic Teddy at the Gym below.

I’ve been continuing to create art every day. Never did I think it would take me here.

2 months and 15 days to go until my resolution will come to its end.

Thanks for reading! ❤