I fixed my dad. – moi

When I was young I was very arts and crafty. One of the things I taught myself how to do was to make “egg people.” I would hollow out brown eggs, use felt and paper to make unique egg people.

I made a variety and still have them all to this day. None of them ever broke except for the one I made my mom of my dad. My mom kept the broken pieces and wished for me to fix it. For a long time I refused thinking it would never be the same as it was.

A few months back I came across the boxes that houses my egg people, and my mom reminded me that I still never fixed my dad. She is visiting me this week and I told her to bring the broken pieces. I used my knowledge of polymer clay to remake his face and reused all of the other materials.

I fixed my dad.

(From left to right: Dad in his military uniform, Me and my dog Bo.)

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