Magic Bear

“Sometimes travel to new places leads to great transformation” – Fortune Cookie

From Tuesday-Friday I was in Minneapolis, and unable to update my website. I did draw every day though as I brought my sketchbook with me.

I saw some beautiful places while I was away.

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Enchanting. #garden #justasamazinginreallife #travel

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I’m more than halfway through my resolution. I’ve been so wrapped up in other interest I am finding less time to dedicate to making full fledged pieces. Most of my work for the past few months has been quick sketches. I am noticing my sketches are faster and faster.

Looking at the goals I hoped to achieve:

  1. Create a piece of art every day in 2017. – CHECK (SO FAR)
  2. Improve my own art and hone my style. -CHECK
  3. Learn about and meet new artist. -KINDA
  4. Inspire my husband to do art again. -SADLY NO

At some point I’ll need to dig back at least with digital art and polymer clay. I think I like those mediums the most because it’s easier to share my other work with other people.

Below are the pieces of art I drew while I was away.

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