Wanda’s Web

There may or may not be a hobbit in one of those web sacs. – moi

My coworker Wanda asked me to draw one of her favorite comics in “Eric Style,” and I told her I would work on it this weekend. Tonight I thought I would honor the request.

The drawing is inspired by Chad Carpenter’s Tundra Comic Strip.

Chad Carpenter
Chad Carpenter’s Tundra Comic Strips

One thing I’ve been trying creating better backgrounds. If you notice the majority of my backgrounds are simple or one color. I have been playing with the blur tool to create interesting effects. My first attempt was yesterday’s piece Profite du Coucher de Soleil.

For Wanda’s Web I wanted a bit more control on the outcome and used a purple palette I googled. You can see the palette below.


Full disclosure Wanda’s Web was created on May 19th and my project post made it out on time. However, this blog is coming out on May 20th due to having a family emergency I couldn’t complete my blog in time. Long story short my husband needed his appendix removed and this all took place in the last 24 hours.

He’s okay now and resting thank goodness.

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