Profite du Coucher de Soleil

“Do you use use paint brush sizes or use numbers that have meaning to you when you create something?” – moi

Naming this piece was difficult. I wanted to find a single word that means “enjoy this moment.”  I couldn’t find one. Instead I looked up, “Enjoy the sunset” and translated it into French. Even that title doesn’t capture the mood.

Colorado has beautiful sunsets and I think I captured a beautiful sunset in this piece. The jagged mountains give a sense of danger or caution. The little bear character is just watching the sunset, and I like to think he is enjoying the view, but it must be scary to think what happens once night comes. He’s got an arduous journey in front of him.

I asked John if when he creates art if he uses brush sizes or numbers that have meaning to him. For example I may use a brush size 124 since January 24th is my birthday. Another example is making a layer transparent and setting it to 84 the year of my birthday. Sometimes I make lines 2 since that is my favorite number. Anyway.. apparently he never did that and I’m just weird! To me it gives my pieces more of a deeper meaning.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the moment!

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