Don’t worry though I only let lightning strike those who need it, and am only loud like thunder when I need to be heard. See I’m a storm cloud. – moi

One of my co-workers pulled me aside today to asked , “How are you always so happy?”

It has been such a funny characteristic I’ve been assigned. I replied to him that I’m glad I portray that because I feel like a storm cloud is inside, and let things out in small burst. I am known to be quite direct.

He’s not the first person who’s said this about me. I’ve actually wrote about this before last month. I think people confuse my friendly personality as happy. I say hello to everyone, ask them how they are doing, learn people’s names, and am genuinely interested in my co-workers. Or maybe I am happy. 🙂

Today’s art piece was inspired by having the title Mr. Positivity, but in actually I’m a storm cloud!

I’ve been hooked on Overwatch, and all I want to do is play it. These past few nights I have been creating quick sketches of some of my favorite characters just to complete the assignment.

Check out the sketch below. Tonight I wanted to take my time. If I gave more time with all my sketches I wonder how some of them would turn out.


I’ve been nominated for an Emerging Leader Award by Leadership Pikes Peak! I am sincerely thankful for this nomination. Being honest and vulnerable, after leaving Inside/Out Youth Services I felt I was a light that burned twice as bright burned half as long.

Since then I’ve made it my purpose to continue creating change within our community by putting my energy towards my work at Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado; and by volunteering for the Citizens Action Group, LNOW’s Steering Committee and my beloved Inside/Out Youth Services. You don’t need a title to create change, just the energy to put towards actions and follow through.

I would not be where I am today without learning from strong leaders and mentors John McIlwee, Kristy Milligan, Shawna Kemppainen, Shannon Coker Brice and Stacy Poore. Thank you!

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