I’m feeling like making lions. – moi


My husband John asked me if I knew what I was going to make tonight. I shared with him a lion comes to mind.

In high school, I created a blind contour drawing of a lion. A blind contour drawing is where an artist draws the contour of a subject without looking at the paper. When I was done and ready to look at my drawing I was blown away! I was enamored with my creation and I don’t believe I would’ve created something so amazing by looking. Below is the actual drawing that I have kept ever since.


In college, I took a 2D design course and my class was instructed to create an animation. Everyone was given a flipbook, and I took it a step further and created the gif you see below.


I have an affinity towards lions. However, looking back at all my creations I guess now that I think about it I have an affinity towards many kinds of animals and mythical creatures. In no particular order: unicorns, pugs, dragons, turtles, lions, and bears.. oh my!

John and I’s conversation started to evolve into creating a lion head as an accessory.

Tonight’s piece is the concept art.  I may wake up and make some changes. I’m not sure how I feel about the eyes just yet. I do like the overall happy-go-lucky style I’ve given this lion, but I’m not sure if I want to go cute, or even ferocious.

Speaking of “happy-go-lucky” people around me having been describing me as “happy-go-lucky” and “Mr. Positivity” which maybe can be explain by my art. I find it funny because most of the time I feel like a storm cloud. Not the cliche of being sad or depressed, but more like don’t mess with me. Don’t worry though I only let lightning strike those who need it, and am only loud like thunder when I need to be heard. See I’m a storm cloud.

Thanks for sinking your teeth into my post! Don’t be lion and let me know what you think. You won’t hurt my pride. ha-ha!


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