Turtle or Tortoise? Turtorial! – moi

I knew I wanted to work with clay today, and I had two directions I could have taken: creating my Turtle Plan or remaking Fail Bear.

Turtle Plan was still fresh in my mind, but I didn’t think I had the colors. Then when I opened up my box I realized I had all the colors I need are here!

I wish I would’ve taken photos of the process. I started off with the blue shell, worked on the yellow pentagons/shapes, orange triangles and red dots. Next I created the red rim, then the head, belly scales, legs, face and mouth.

At the end of the night I’m happy I was able to bring my drawing to life, but maybe the drawing wasn’t the best Turtle Plan to begin with! If I had a do over, I would’ve made the turtle a quarter of the size.

I chose the name because this was my tutorial. Practice makes perfect.

Thanks for reading.

Turtorial 02

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