I believe art is the most precious gift one can give. When I was younger I would love receiving drawings when my friends would gift me. It was more than the thought that went into it, but also the time they took and it was a piece of themselves. – moi

I haven’t worked with polymer clay since Fail Bear, but today I had a reason.

Tomorrow is a special person’s birthday and I happen to know they love rabbits. I had a vision in my head on this one, and really wanted to come as close as I could get. The shape of the head isn’t quite as I imagined, but it ended up better with the cute flower decoration.

Of course my rabbit needed a carrot! To do this I had to make my own orange and green clay to work with using chalk pastels. I wanted to keep them a nice pastel to match my color palette.

While baking I was scared to move because I didn’t want it to tilt and fall in the oven. Although I made certain this piece was sturdy on its behind.

I thought about adding white clay into the eyes, but going that small and precise was difficult. I ended up painting them on instead. They made an excellent final touch! I’m in love with this rabbit, and I do say one of my finest polymer clay pieces yet!

Check out some of the different poses below.

Thanks for reading!


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