Mam Bananas

Sir Bananas is my new addiction! – moi

During my most recent trip to the grocery store I stumbled upon Sir Bananas Bananamilk. I love bananas; I was intrigued and put a carton in my basket. It wasn’t until the following day I poured a glass and tried it.

At first the taste reminded me of eggnog, but without a weird aftertaste I would get from eggnog and not too sweet. The banana flavor is totally there, it’s smooth, and I can imagine some amazing baking recipes using this beverage in place of milk for those who want a hint of banana flavor.

If you are a banana fan  you are really in for a treat, and I highly recommend buying a carton. I’ve bought two more cartons since, and I need to make a special note to try the chocolate version.

As I think about what to draw tonight enjoying my magical beverage I am inspired by their adorable monkey mascot. I talked to my husband about how the art style is similar to my own. Tonight I decided to draw him a friend!

Thanks for reading!


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