Dragon Shape

I used to be really good with charcoal drawings. – moi

It has been over ten years since I’ve done a charcoal drawing. I can tell I am rusty, but I enjoy this medium and know I’ll be working more with it in the future. Charcoal is so easy to add and take away, forgiving when making mistakes and messy!

Below is a photo of my point of view.


Memories of when I took an intro to drawing class had me recall what my professor would say over and over “squint your eyes.” It was all about drawing shapes.

I remember him telling us, “Drawing is like a muscle. If you keep using it it will always get better, and if you stop you’ll lose it.” I learned a lot from him and his class was one I always looked forward to.

My class final I chose dragons as my subject, and to this day I consider them some of my best work.

Thanks for reading!

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