Say You’ll Be There

♫ ♪ I’m, giving you everything
All that joy can bring, this I swear

– Spice Girls

I was inspired to revisit a drawing I made years ago with me and Wiggum dancing in an old sketch book. I searched everywhere for this sketch book, but unfortunately it cannot be found. I’m super bummed about it and hope that someday it will turn up when I least expect it.

John told me to redraw it, and at the moment I just wasn’t in the mood, but when it came time to start drawing for the day all I could think about was that damn book, and the drawing I lost forever. My memory tried its best to recollect the drawing, but it wouldn’t come out the same. I remember it being so full of joy and movement.

I tried to draw the old sketch as best as I could remember and I didn’t like it.

Then I wanted to do something new; I drew a rainbow, heart and star. The drawing looked like a pair of headphones. I then created a really rough sketch of me as a chibi wearing the headphones I created with my rainbow unicorn shirt. Then more inspiration struck! Even if the drawing wouldn’t be the same the idea will live on! I decided to draw myself and Wiggum dancing in my new style. It’s not all the same pose, that I remember, but it’s cuter than I remember.

This piece was based off of real life. Wiggum and I were dancing in the kitchen to Say You’ll Be There. I always wanted to keep the memory and drew it. My sweet pug is such a beacon of inspiration. ❤

What’s cool about the image below is you can see my thought process.


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