“What should I name my unicorn? Starlight!” – moi

I wanted to make this unicorn early in the week as a gift. I purchased pink clay on Monday and it was just so soft. I couldn’t do anything with it! Asking the googles how to make firm polymer clay and learned about Leaching Soft Polymer Clay. That absolutely did the trick!

Every night this week has been long, and this charm took me a 3 hours to make. Playing with clay is a process to make sure my work area, tools and my hands are clean so I don’t dirty the clay.

The unicorn was inspired by The Little Mew’s Mini Unicorn Tutorial – ❤.

Overall, I’m really happy with the piece. I don’t think there would be much I would do differently, except the horn didn’t have as much pizzazz as I thought it would. I used an “opal” polymer clay that had glitter embedded in it. I also would add more hair pieces.

I can’t wait to gift her away, and I know her owner will be super happy. Below are more perspectives of the piece.

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