Moogle Take 3

Another progression post, and I’m finding I’m learning really quickly. Yesterday, I decided to some research moogle charms people have created, and stumbled upon artist Krissiekitteh on Deviant Art. Her version of a moogle was beautiful and it was calling my name; this moogle charm was clearly inspired by her work.

The process of creating these charms is quite containing and frustrating. Explaining what I mean by “containing” I feel the end result has to look a certain way, and frustrating because I find myself messing with a single piece until I think it’s right which takes a lot of my time.

I learned a lot while creating this charm. I was annoyed how my white clay would get dirty during the process. Every time dust or particles would land on my piece I would immediately use nail polish remover. I took my husband’s suggestion of baking the piece once I was done using white which was good and bad. I realized after baking I could no longer attach additional pieces. I had to glue on wings and draw on eyes.

This time around I also wanted the moogle’s pom to be attached to something, however, clay would not do the trick to hold such a large piece in place so I used a paper clip. I also used a pink soft pastel on the cheeks.

Eyepins are a puzzle to me. The second charm I baked the eyepin, and this current one I did not, and found it did not want to go all the way in after. However, I used E6000 Permanent Craft Adhesive to keep it in place. Does anyone know the best/proper method?

There are minor things I’m unhappy with about this piece. Overall, I like it and it is absolutely my favorite of the three.

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