Bruce the Gamer

Not playing video games to draw an elephant playing video games. – moi

When I was a kid I lived in Germany, and my parents would buy my sister and me Kinder Eggs. If you are not familiar with what a Kinder Egg is it is a chocolate egg with a toy inside.

One of the random prizes were these adorable elephants. I forgot all about them for many years until now.

About the piece, I have all ten of these elephants each with their own personality and doing a different action. I had a choice of either drawing directly what I saw, or drawing an elephant of my own. I decided to create my own, and have him playing video games. Honestly, sometimes I rather be playing video games than making art.

For the past few days I’ve been really tired; making art is what I have committed to, but I would make the piece quickly by firing up Adobe Photoshop. My work hasn’t been that inspired. Today I was a bit more inspired and worked on the piece as a sketch first. You can see below my sketch looks a bit wonky, and served as my direction.

My elephant is named Bruce because one of my childhood friends, Bruce Montgomery, gave me one of these elephants. Working on this piece I had a tough time with portraying  outlines and shapes because I did not use a wide range of colors.

I like him, and am going to go play video games now!


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