Dolphin Adventure

I’m inspired by dreams, cute things and hot men. lol – moi

I was inspired by my hot husband.

During our vacation we did the Dolphin Discovery at St. Kitts. We met and interacted with two dolphins Angela and Dante. It was such an amazing experience we’ll never forget, and I knew when I got home I wanted to do an image inspired by the experience.

This particular chibi doesn’t have a large head and small body like my others since I had to think about the proportion of the dolphin.

I’ve noticed I’m got  faster with my work, and trust myself to not mess up. I don’t save as many layers as I once had. New techniques also help save time; the create clipping mask tool is a godsend! I also have noticed I’m taking what I have learned about drawing eyes and just making them my own. From sketch to finish this took approximately 4 hours.

In the images below you can see the photo where I drew my inspiration, my sketch, and my progress in Adobe Photoshop.


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