Go Fish

I decided not to live on an island and have returned from my Caribbean vacation.

Seriously, I’ve only been home for three hours as our day was filled with travel. During the vacation about 84% of the time I was able to let go and absorb the adventure. I enjoyed sharing new and familiar experiences with my family, and being their guide by showing them the ropes of taking a cruise. A lot of my drawings were inspired by the trip and my family.


This was photo taken as we were sailing away from St. Kitts on our third day. Yes it was hot outside, and yes I’m wearing a sweater, but I wanted to look good for the photo! I was inspired by this photo and decided to do a chibi drawing.

Even though I was bummed I could not post every day, I am proud of myself for keeping up with my resolution of creating art every day. Check out all my drawings at the end of my post.

We had cable television during our cruise, and 16% of the rest of my time I could not escape what was going on in the United States of America from the Presidential Inauguration, Women’s March, Feuding with Mexico and to the Immigration Ban.

One of my drawings was inspired by the Women’s March. I was so proud to see so many Americans fighting for Human Rights.

As my husband and I were making our way back home we witness a peaceful protest at the Denver International Airport.

The world has changed. Welcome home.

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