I get to see my mommy!

I haven’t talked about this and I’m super excited! For the next 10 days I will be traveling and getting some sun on a beach in the Caribbean. I will be completely disconnected from all technology.

This trip is going to be extra special because my mom and dad are going it’s going to be the first time! It’s also going to be my birthday during the trip.

On my first trip I fell in love with an imperfectly painted wooden frog that had so much personality carved into him to this day he’s one of my favorite treasures. Thinking about returning to paradise is a huge source of inspiration.

During my trip I plan to draw every day to keep up with my daily resolution. I am bummed I won’t be able to share the pieces with you each day, but you’ll see them all when I return.

img_3832Talking a bit about the piece I wanted to stick to a specific color palette with the exception of throwing in black and white.

I love how symmetrical he turned out.

Yes, there are lots of balls.. lots of balls..

Check out my sketch! Bringing it into Adobe Photoshop makes a world of difference.

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