What flavor of PEZ do you think you’ll get from this dispenser? I’ll give you a hint, it ain’t chocolate folks.

I could not get this stupid image out of my head. I remember sketching this piece closely after the election. I talked with a couple of my friends about it and even asked them what flavor PEZ would we get and I even considered orange.

While creating the piece I learned about and played with the Perspective tool which helped me with the text and the feet. The font was one I found that resembled what PEZ would use on its products.

The shade of orange used on the face is seriously the shade I pulled out of Donald Trump’s face from one of his photos with the Eyedropper Tool.

There was intention for the dispenser to have more depth than what you see in the face. I chose a blue background to make the red dispenser pop.

I knew I wanted to complete this drawing before the presidential inauguration. I’m trying real hard to move on by focusing on what I can control and making my community better, but this guy really makes it hard with all the shit he says.

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