My Sweet Wiggum

Today was the first time I played with kato polyclay, and I haven’t made a clay figurine in a few years.

Funny memory that emerged while making this when I was a child I used to make figurines out of bubble gum. I had a bubble gum machine, would chew on the color I would want, and use it to create figurines. Yes it’s gross, but I was a resourceful one!

At first I was going to use pre-made stencils to create a piece and decorated, but I really wanted to create something original.I’m always inspired by Wiggum, my sweet adorable pug. He was my muse and I got to work.

You can’t tell from the photo; I used all kinds of household items to create the the sculpture from fish line, to the tips of pen tops. I also found my favorite brush that I bought back in college. This brush is like the equivalent to Harry Potter’s wand.

Once I finished sculpting the figurine was time to bake at 300° for 20 minutes. I was eager to finish everything today so I probably didn’t give the figurine enough cooling time. Sadly, the piece did have a crack after baking so more kneading is required for a future project. I used acrylic paint, and ugh painting small details like eyes is a pain in my ass. I need smaller brushes.

Below you can see My Sweet Wiggum, a photo of the piece before was baked and painted, and a the a back perspective.

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