Octo-Slap You Face

When you say, “That’s so gay.” it makes me want to slap you… eight times.

The phrase, “That’s so gay.” is irritating. I just want to slap someone for being so thoughtless.

Years ago, I used to teach school administration how to respond when they hear demeaning phrases against the LGBTIQ community like, “That’s so gay.”

  • Stop It
  • Don’t Ignore It
  • Educate
  • Be Proactive

I won’t spend my entire blog explaining each one, but for more information visit What Do You Say to ‘That’s So Gay’ & Other Anti-LGBTQ* Comments?

I remember students would complain that some of these comments wouldn’t even be used by other students, but by school administration.

Growing up I remember one of my favorite classes was Astronomy. I remember my teacher at the time was teaching us constellations, “This is Leo, This is Aquarius and this is Perseus and if you forget who Perseus is a student the other day called him ‘The Dancing Fag.'” My experience of the class changed from that moment, and I ended up getting a B in the class because I skipped the field trip portions. It was a shame really.

After the anti-bullying presentation it was now up to school administration to do their part. I remember thinking I couldn’t control how school administration would respond to such phrases within school grounds, but I could respond to people who use it around me and the internet was fair game.

Whenever I saw someone use an Anti-LGBTIQ phrase on Twitter I wanted to comment back with a funny picture. That’s where I conjured an angry octopus which would have the ability of slapping one’s face eight times.

After all the years my angry octo-slap you face is alive. I think I captured angry really well.

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