Shannon the Unicorn

We chose you!

This piece is dedicated to my friend and new leader, Shannon. Congratulations on your promotion it is well deserved! You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

I made this sketch around the time I made Unicorn. The adorable unicorn hat was just too cute – how could I not have been inspired.

If you check out the photos below, you can see a couple of revisions I made from the original sketch. I need more practice with arms and hair.

I needed to sneak in some references of the unicorn hat to capture its personality and to complete this. The unicorn hat is my favorite part of this piece.

I typically don’t like making backgrounds for my pieces since I feel I’m bad at it. However, this piece needed something to make it pop since white on white would be a no go. I went with pink, and made a rainbow. Besides rainbows and unicorns are good together.

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