I was inspired by my desk lamp. As I sit here it’s right in front of me and it literally is a turtle with a glowing shell. I usually  wouldn’t add so much line detail, but I really wanted to push myself.

The image was done with a mechanical pencil. Thanks to my husband for letting me borrow one. I also don’t have a pencil sharpener for the pencil I’ve been using!

Someday I may revisit this drawing. It looks like an actually image I would find in a coloring book and may go over it with color pencil.

I’m excited and nervous to get started with drawing something every day. I feel like I should plan to join groups and really immerse myself with the art scene in my community. Take a drawing class, meet and join groups of people who are into art, and reach out to other artist online.

I’ve been listening to podcast from Pencil Kings. They offer art classes, but sadly I really don’t think I could afford to be a member at this time. I find their podcast thought provoking, inspiring, and informative. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to make art a profession. As for me I won’t quit my day job.

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